Monday, August 19, 2013

Simple Ways on How to be Happy in Life

There are certainly a lot of ways on how to be happy in life. But, most of the time, being happy is simply a personal choice. There are ways that might work to some people. However, it would not be that successful with you. Most of the time, we are not happy because of the choices we make. Nothing could make us sad aside from our self. It is very easy to be happy especially when you make it a choice. For example, a simple hug could make you happy, doing charity works, helping an elderly cross the street, teaching kids how to draw and a lot more. To some all these stuffs are annoying and a waste of time, but certainly, with the right attitude, it could make you happy. Below are simple ways to be happy in life. These should be included in any self development efforts or guide to self-help.

Always have a Good Laugh

Do not take life too seriously. Laugh at every opportunity to laugh. It could be talking with office-mates, friends and family. Surely you know the comforting feeling of having a good laugh. Your life would certainly be better and happier if you laugh more.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Simple Yet Effective Guide to Thinking Positive

Thinking positive is something that a lot of people should learn these days and that includes me. I admit I am not the perfect guy who should talk about positive thinking but my need for it led me to a lot of research in helping myself how to see the bright side of life more rather than focus all my energy on the things that are not doing quite well in my life. I guess everyone would agree that it is easy to recognize failures and mistakes than achievements. This is why people find it hard to stay positive. 

Positive thinking is a way of life. People need to practice this kind of thinking and merge it with their life. Thinking positive thoughts would certainly not happen overnight. What I mean is the constant positive thoughts. It is easy to be positive today but stay negative for the rest of the remaining six days of the week. If you want to be a positive person, you need to practice it every day until it becomes a way of life. It is definitely true that we usually do not have an option with what would life throw at us, but we are always free to choose and decide for our reaction. Below are simple tips on thinking positive.

1. Always Pray before Getting out of Bed

It is always nice to start the day right. Most of the time, people who had a wonderful morning would experience a positive day. Communication with God through prayer is simply the best way to start your day. Put your worries and burdens in God and let Him guide your way. Certainly, praying would make you feel a lot better and lighter. Thus, it could help you have a more positive outlook in life.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

How to Effectively Deal with Negative Thoughts

This coming November 15, 2013 I will be celebrating my first year of being a full-time freelance writer. I have decided to be in this kind of work since it provided me the kind of earning I need. However, just recently, for no clear reasons, I started thinking negatively about my current job. I have been filled with all the uncertainties of this kind of career. With this, I decided to do some research on how I would effectively deal with my negative thoughts. Below are the things I learned and wanted to share with you guys.

Never allow these negative thoughts to stay long

I know for sure that I need to divert my attention away from these negative thoughts. But, it is harder than it looks. I observed that most of the time, these negative thoughts come into my mind during the night when I am about to sleep. So what I usually do is think about nothing until I fall to sleep. It may sound like running away from the problem, but I think it’s the best way to deal with it. I also tried one time watching a movie and it worked quite well. My attention was directed to the movie I was watching and I forgot about my negative thoughts.